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Shenzhen World Expo Source Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Jianguo Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of electronic medical products such as physiotherapy and health care. It is a multivariate research and development, production, application and service of high technology. The company is based in Shenzhen.
The company was established in 2007. Since its establishment, the company has established a “high efficiency, high quality, and high professionalism” principle in line with the corporate tenet of “Technology leads, exquisite focus, guides business opportunities, and win-win integrity”. The quality policy of "cooperation, pioneering and innovation, customer first, quality first" will benefit the public with scientific and technological achievements. The company has introduced domestic and foreign advanced production technology and high-precision inspection and testing equipment, and has a team of senior engineers. The patents obtained by the company's self-developed and manufactured “Yijingkang physiotherapy instrument” are: ZL 2011 20551662.X, ZL 2013 2 0843155.2, ZL 2013 3 0635431.1, ZL 2014 3 0092445.8, ZL 2016 3 0052142.2, ZL 2016 2 0148146.5, Through the China Quality Certification Center CQC: CQC14008105227, the United States FDA: 10053836, the European Union CE: TTET2012R0316E, the United States FCC: TTET2012R0020F and many other professional qualification certification at home and abroad.
The Expo source is the leading brand of the domestic health industry. It is a Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs' association, the Shenzhen Enterprise Federation, and the Shenzhen City Entrepreneurs Association vice president unit. The company always adheres to the “miraculous benefits of science and technology and products to speak with results”. The magical effects of high-tech technology have led to numerous achievements over the years, and they have been honored at the Tenth China Scientists Forum as a “Science and Technology Model, Innovation Model”. The event was awarded the "2013 China Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise"; at the Eleventh China Scientists Forum, it won the "2014 China's Scientific Invention Innovation Best Achievements" award; at the third China Good Faith Festival and the 11th China Entrepreneur of Honest Entrepreneurship The conference received the honors of "2013-2014 China's most influential and sincere enterprise", "2013-2014 China's most influential and trustworthy brand (Yi Jingkang)" and "China City Commercial Credit Environment Index CEI Research Unit". 2016 China Science and Technology Golden Bridge Award and won the 2016 China Charity Role Model. Products sold in the United States, Canada, the European Union, Japan, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, more than 30 countries and regions, brand value of 100 million yuan.
In the future, the source of the Expo will continue to uphold the development direction of “using science and technology to benefit people and speak with results”; adhere to the philosophy and purpose of “love, filial piety, and responsibility”; as always, explore new technologies and create innovations with the goal of continuous innovation. More and better products, to redouble our efforts for the benefit of the people.